This event is dedicated to Myles John McCarron, a Lunenburg student athlete, who lost his life in 2002 while a passenger in a speeding vehicle. All race proceeds will go towards the Lunenburg Public Schools (through the Lunenburg PTO) and to support No Need To Speed ® campaign.

This year the Lunenburg PTO will be hosting the annual Miles for Myles event.  With your help the PTO has given back to our school district yearly by providing funds for non-budgeted items such as technology, guest speakers and programs, materials, and supplies. Together we have also helped to defray costs for student field trips.    For more information about the Lunenburg PTO, please check out our website

10% of the proceeds from Miles for Myles will be donated to support the No Need to Speed® campaign. The No Need to Speed ® campaign addresses high-speed driving and distractions while operating a motor vehicle. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. No Need for Speed ® road signs are visibly located outside schools and along roadsides.

The Lunenburg PTO is excited to be hosting the event at our brand new Middle/High School in Lunenburg. All of the run/walk/bike events will start from the front of the new school. 

Miles for Myles was originally hosted by the LTAFA.   In 1999, a band of highly motivated, dedicated, not-about-to-be-discouraged parents, coaches, and teachers formed a nonprofit organization to address the critical need for athletic facilities in this town.

Their vision: build a six-lane all-weather rubberized track surrounding an all-purpose artificial turf playing field to be used for a multitude of sports and ages. Add adjacent practice fields, bleachers, fencing, landscaping and this will be one first class facility!

It happened!!!   The new turf field and track have been installed.   The LTAFA have accomplished a lot and have passed the torch to the Lunenburg PTO to help support our schools and continue the message of No Need to Speed®.

No Need to Speed® is a trademark of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, P.O. Box 45563 Omaha, Nebraska, 68145 used with permission. No other entities may use this mark without prior permission. For information, please call 402-334-1391

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